Platform Summary

Summary for each Common-Sense, Common Ground Article in order to start and socialize the Middle Party Platform.
1. Pro-Choice is a woman’s right to privacy.
2. Back the Blue!
3. Guns: A Realistic Look.
4. Legal Immigration.
5. Healthcare Protections.
6. Voter Integrity.
7. Budget Priorities.
8. Movin’ on Up Plan: 21st Century Homestead Act, Opportunity Zones, School Vouchers.
9. Energy Independence.
10. Federal Decriminalization of Marijuana.
11. Impact of Climate Change.
12. Consider US First: Foreign Policy, Trade, American Opportunities.
13. Equal Opportunities for Belief Groups.
14. Term Limits for Congress.
15. National Service, Patriotism.
16. States Rights, Unfunded Mandates.
17. …
18. …
19. …

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