Rampart Caucus is a non-profit corporation registered in Nevada, USA, for the intent of organizing a nationwide Internet education campaign giving Americans perspective on party corporations control of Congress based on platform standards that American voters cling to and count on. On-going party ideals have failed to succeed for many generations.

Older generations have become impatient and want something different. Newer generations are frustrated and seemingly want something new.

Rampart Caucus plan is to provide an “additional” nonpartisan message for Congressional candidates to commit to that will show American voters who will represent common American values in Congress. Thus giving American voters an additional consideration, on top of the party message. Sending Congress people who claim to truly represent Americans will grease the rusted cogs of Congress, and perhaps even give new life and meaning to party messages.

Something different. Something new. Something that will cost nothing.

Coalesce to end this mess, with a message of Hope, Inspiration, Vision of what could be and Enthusiasm to succeed.

Rampart Caucus Creed

Asking Congress people to say they will consider the will of the American people, while protecting equality for all Americans, is a basic and humble plan that can never be wrong. Partisan pushback will only serve to reveal an intent to act contrary to the desires of most Americans.

Rampart Caucus foundational activities will include setup of web assets to communicate a plan that gives Congressional candidates of any party a supplemental message. A pledge to a nonpartisan platform listing the “Affordable Priorities” of most Americans will signal to American voters a commitment to truly representing the will of the American people as part of the Congressional Rampart Caucus.

Rampart Caucus Corporation business activities are to publish the Real American Majority Platform—RAMP document and development of a verified user polling app to reasonably show the affordable priorities of most Americans. RAMP will change with the will of the American people, be published on public website RampartCaucus.com, be widely socialized, made well-known and ratified at minimum every four years prior to a Presidential election, or every two years if most Americans agree by verified polling. 

Candidates for US Congress and President will formally communicate their endorsement of RAMP, thereby becoming aligned with the ideals of the nonpartisan Rampart Caucus, regardless of party affiliation. American voters will consider the endorsement as a commitment to fully consider the ratified priorities of RAMP. A candidate endorsing RAMP may be affiliated with any political party. A candidate’s endorsement of RAMP does not equal a reciprocated endorsement of the candidate. 

Many Americans will continue voting only by party label. 

More and more Americans will want to know if a candidate supports RAMP as an indication that they will go to Congress and make decisions based on the will of the American people. It’s that additional consideration by American voters that will send an increasing number of public servants to Congress who will stand for most Americans, legislate and govern humbly, and be willingly held accountable. 

Candidates endorsing RAMP will agree to use any verified user polling system to ask constituents to respond yea or nay before each floor vote and before committee votes when practical. Polling results must be instantly available to the public showing results nationwide and by district. 

In summary, Rampart Caucus will educate voters about nonpartisan representation by identifying a public servant’s commitment to advancing policy in line with the will of the people as published in the RAMP. And will dutifully vet Congressional candidates to assure their true intent is to govern with humility, honor and moderation as a member of a legislative body representing the values of most Americans. Thus instilling confidence in voters that their vote will yield true representation.

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