Real American Majority Platform

The Real American Majority Platform will now be rewritten in the form of a petition that asks for a commitment from existing Congress people and any Congressional candidate.

Real American Majority Petition

The petition will include much of the same content below.

Visions of what could be will move to

A third website, will include all interactive calls to action and resources for taking State and District actions.

The RAMP App will support all sites.

Randy Hynes

RAMP—A ramp is literally a tool. It’s one of the six simple machines, an inclined plane, that helps move a load. Let’s make it work for us.

Missed the target date in favor of posting and socializing SubStack contributions of Rampart Caucus (About) | Rampart Caucus (Podcast)—RSH

This document is in active development with a draft version now expected by 9/18/2021—RSH

We propose that common-sense Americans join together to reverse the way Congress operates.

The red and blue parties each represent about 25% of Americans, statistically. Realistically, it’s much less. At least half of Americans want another choice. Including many red and blue party members who believe the parties no longer speak for them.

If literally zero Congress people represent more than 25% of Americans, it seems safe to say, Congress is broken.

Americans must change how we consider selecting Congress people so that the affordable priorities of most Americans is represented to cure generational problems.

Gift Our Kids Congressional Representation

This effort will not happen overnight. The governing body of the United States from 1774 to 1789 was the Continental Congress. It took 15 years for the US Constitution to be drafted and implemented with the three branches of government we have today.

The initial goal of this campaign is to spread the word that a powerful majority of common-sense Americans exists. And when everyone knows that and agrees on the affordable priorities of most Americans proposed in this document, we can make Congress represent us.

We’ll elect public servants who commit to advancing the affordable priorities outlined here to represent us in Congress.

This document will change each election cycle, socialized, ratified and made well-known. It will be a tool to help us cure the problems of each generation. A ramp is literally a tool. It’s one of the six simple machines, an inclined plan, that helps move a load. Let’s make it work for us.

The end goal is to give our children a Congress that will represent their will. Whatever that may be in the next generation.

For now, we can agree to prioritize a few persistent problems that can be cured over the next, say 15 years.

All Things Are Possible With The Internet

Of course there will be push back from the people in power. They will not want to relinquish power or position. All Americans are welcome. Of course, even current Congress people, who are obviously interested in public service, and stymied by the grip of party politics as much, or maybe more, than the rest of us.

“We can accomplish all the proposals in this document virtually and without spending a single dollar”

ZERo Dollars

Campaigns by Americans who want to be Congress people representing the affordable priorities of fellow Americans will certainly be deserving of your contributions.

The Middle Party blog has previously included ways to contribute. Contribute if you like. We’ll funnel contributions into wider media reach, like TV commercials. For now and the foreseeable future, the power of the Internet and an overwhelming majority will move this campaign forward.

Goals of this document:

  1. Show what we stand for!
  2. Publish and socialize a Platform that reflects the affordable priorities of most Americans,
  3. Make this document well-known as the apparent affordable priorities of most Americans,
  4. Elect Congress people who formally commit to advance this Platform, regardless of a red, blue or other labels,
  5. Introduce Rampart Caucus as the name for Congress people that commit to advance this Platform,
  6. Give Congress people an app to stay in touch with verified constituents,
  7. Expect Congress people to use the app or similar app for polling their constituents yea/nay position on at least every floor vote.

Randell S. Hynes—8/16/2021


American liberty gives each of us freedom to find happiness. We all deserve fairness during our journey and expect opportunities equal to how hard we try. We stress the golden rule to our children. States, school districts and parents try earnestly to prepare them for the transition to adulthood. As children finish high school and move into adulthood they need help more than any other time in their lives. Helping young adults find training that matches their aptitude and prepares them for real job opportunities should be a top priority of the federal government. Largely though, young adults are left alone to find their own way. A National Training Program would require an innovative federal budget that will never be considered by the Congress people currently in office. A well-planned centralized program and proper investment in the future of our children would be the cornerstone for curing many American problems that have festered for decades.

In America our government has gotten off track because our elected officials no longer represent us. We elect them by a red or blue label and they stand by that label. The policies they support are not anywhere near what most of us consider priorities. Far from it. It’s clear to Congress people that even basic ideas will be opposed by the other label. Nothing gets done, when innovation is what’s needed.

The priorities of most Americans can be gleaned from common-sense. It’s fact that most Americans like bacon. Some people don’t like bacon for various reasons. It’s a silly analogy, but a serious point. Other realistic ideas can be compiled from common-sense, polling, conversations, etc. We can say most Americans believe reducing poverty is important with little disagreement. There are many other priorities that can be listed using the same common-sense approach.

It’s a fact that in most of our lifetimes, the poverty rate in America has never been lower than 11%. Each year the number of Americans living in poverty increases with the population.

Today about 43 million Americans live below the poverty line, and MILLIONS OF AMERICAN KIDS GO TO SLEEP HUNGRY EVERY NIGHT

The solution is to hire Congress people that will represent the priorities of most Americans who want to spend tax dollars more efficiently and make American innovation possible in governing. Let’s reduce poverty with an innovative budget that maximizes efficiency of the nearly $4 Trillion of taxes we send the IRS.

Set everything in the Federal Government aside and rebuild the budget and government infrastructure to eliminate overlap, greatly reduce administrative costs, re-use assets and eliminate waste. Of course thousands and thousands of details would need to be worked out in phases over years and decades.

The Common-Sense, Common Ground articles introduce ideas with some details that lead to a vision of what could be if Congress could consider an innovative budget. The 2017 Opportunity Zones (OZ) program was a very good start and a good example of innovation. OZ should be further expanded with an investment into a centralized National Training program and infrastructure that supports all training for realistic job projections in the 8,764 underserved communities already identified as opportunity zones, and around the country for proposed Federal programs listed below.

Real American Majority Platform



We require the Federal Budget to consider a new set of standards to fund existing services and to be modular & innovative, to efficiently fund priorities of this living document.

The Federal Budget will fund our full list of priorities. It will no longer be acceptable to build a budget by filling in the blanks to fund the US Government monolith. We expect a budget that funds our priorities and reconsiders existing expenses by a new list of standards.

Standards for funding existing services:

  1. Is the service essential?
  2. Does the service support RAMP priorities?
  3. Are there other agencies that provide similar services?
  4. Can administrative overhead costs be reduced?
  5. Can direct payments be made to avoid administrative expenses?
  6. Can an agency or department be eliminated?
  7. What assets can be repurposed?
  8. Is leasing being used, when purchase and intense maintenance could prolong assets and extend funds?
  9. Does the funding come with requirements that cause unfunded mandates to States.

What else?—RSH

Budget Customization & Innovation to efficiently fund Government Administration and Majority Priorities

We give the US Government nearly $4 Trillion. Except after the 2008 recession, that amount has doubled every ten years since 1930. Given a $4 Trillion constant, build a budget geared toward the next generation of children starting first grade to high school graduation.

More here—RSH

Continue 9/5/2021


The Opportunity Zones 2017 program Version 2.0.

More here—RSH

Continue 9/5/2021

A Vision of “What Could Be”

Move to separate page—RSH

This is a vision of what a customized and innovative budget could accomplish.

We’ll start out here with priorities that meet the bacon standard:

  1. Continued military readiness for the common defense with a focus on personnel and maintenance.
    Plan to transition Armed Services personnel & assets from overseas into new posts built for centralized national training of all young adults,
  2. 7 to 17 Child Investment Trusts (CIT): Direct investment in the future of school age children,
  3. National Training Program: Post high school training and career assistance from continuing CIT investment,
  4. Unburden Police: Program realignment guidelines for States to provide public safety with specialized training for unarmed mental health, crisis intervention and non-violent cases, perhaps even traffic stops, with centralized training support,
  5. 100% Senior Medicare Coverage Guarantee with centralized training support for senior care,
  6. Protect Roe v Wade Privacy Rights by law or constitutional amendment,
  7. True Representation: REAL ID requirement for Federal elections that ties directly to a secure instant feedback system to Congress people. Realtime results of yea/nay responses can be seen and compared to Congress people actual votes,
  8. Fair Sentencing Standards: Retroactive resentencing, federal decriminalization of marijuana and parolee transition training by parole board recommendations,
  9. Planet Stewardship: Sustainability measures with the most impact and likelihood of success. Reduce red tape for renewable energy projects, organize national solar co-op program, replace all coal powered plants,
  10. 21st Century Homestead Act: Renew program to deed surveyed federal land to Americans. Initially included in plans for new centralized training infrastructure projects,
  11. National cyber defense, pandemic response and Earth defense programs with centralized training,
  12. Immigration: Fix the ill effects of poor immigration messaging by normalizing the legal status of undocumented immigrants, and stopping access to the country outside ports of entry,
  13. College Loans: Fix the ill effects of poor student loan messaging by recalculating all loans paid or unpaid to 2% interest, then require reimbursement from colleges of tuition paid back to 2001 rates. Insist colleges establish more reasonable tuitions and renegotiate supply chain costs,
  14. Create Department of National Transition Training to develop and manage the National Training Program, primarily as an extension of Opportunity Zones 2017. And to replace any related functions of eliminated departments*,
  15. Elimination* of the Department of Education,
    Elimination* of most HHS welfare programs where direct payments with minimal overhead could work,
    Elimination* of HUD.
  16. Assure all Americans living 50% above the poverty pay a Fair Minimum Effective Tax.
  17. Assure any American living below the poverty line pays zero taxes.

* Each department would be replaced with an Opportunity Zone component that is yet to be defined.

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